heathens and heretics EP

by sequels

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released April 13, 2014

ryan - vocals / guitar
bryan - bass / vocals
jordan - guitar
nick - drums

recorded by bryan leavelle and ryan leavelle. mixed and mastered by bryan leavelle.



all rights reserved


sequels Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: throw it all away
Making a tribute, building a statue.
Burying luck deep in the sand.
Great is the toll; the white man's burden.
Heavy as sin, he owes all the children
More than he can afford.

It's all gone. It's all over.
They throw it all away.

Weaving a tale of lies and deception.
Sometimes they shoot, sometimes they miss.
Telling a fable to keep the perception.
Sometimes they shoot, sometimes they're right on target.

Oh, and they always shoot to kill.
They'll blow this whole world up if they have to.
They'll blow it all away.
Track Name: bullshit
They make shit up, create some tension, so we will pick a side.
Pitting us against each other while they just wait and hide.

Its always been this way cause we won't say its not ok

Flip the TV to any channel, you'll find someone to hate.
Like fish, we just ignore each other, and keep taking their bait.

So if it's all the same to you, I'm gonna try out something new.

Gonna start the healing
(and fall in love)
I wanna chase that feeling
(and fall in love)
You wanna start the healing?
(fall in love)
you gotta chase that feeling
(fall in love)
Track Name: round and round
It always starts with a man, a king, or a peasant.
They'll see a flash of light, followed by a vision.
god or an angel he sent will come with a message
"You are my chosen one, you will be my prophet"

He goes and tells all his friends.
If they don't believe him, they will all burn in hell.
So they all believe him.
Soon a whole nation believes and they cross the border,
using their fire and swords, they'll make those heathens believe them

Here we go
Round and round we go

They will say I'm just afraid, that I'm weak and immoral because I have no faith.
Somehow it makes me abnormal that I demand better proof
than hearsay of hermits before I damn someone to eternal fire pits.

"But what if you end up wrong?" is what they always say.
I cannot prove I'm not like they can't prove that they're not

I can't ignore all the pain religion has caused us.
Id rather burn in hell than spend one minute with jesus.